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Aerobic-Cardio Safety Tips

August 23rd, 2021

Hello World. Many of you are taking Aerobics classes in your gym or are performing calisthenics to fill your fitness appetite. One of the best quotes I’ve picked up along the way is “Do everything in moderation, including moderation.” That means exactly what it says. In the gym we tend to do the same aerobic exercises,

the same resistance workouts, tend to do them for the same number of repetitions, the same speed, on the same days and at the same weight etc. This will no doubt create a pattern overload and will diminish the effectiveness of training.

Their are a few tips to keep in mind while aerobic training.

1. Wear proper fitting shoes and tie them loose in the toe box so your toes can spread during movements, and tightly around the arch to diminish the likelihood of losing your natural foot arch. Their are exercises to perform to reduce the pain from shin splints and heel spurs. If you experience these symptoms of foot and lower leg pain you can also look into inserts to absorb some shock.

2. The Golden Rule is to never eat a heavy meal before an aerobic workout because doing so will promote stomach cramps and nothing stops aerobics more than stomach cramps. If you’re running a marathon or a short distance run, the night before you should probably load up on carbohydrates because they are an excellent source of energy. Fat is stored and used as energy too when carbs aren’t available but it is a secondary source of energy supply.

3. Try not to take any medication or use any artificial stimulants or depressants like diet pills or coffee or alcohol because of the negative effects on your lung and respiratory systems and heart.